Tall Buildings

I don't frequent the city.  Infact, I seldom go there but I do passby the place every day on weekdays while on a train.  You get to see some tall buildings around Roma street station.  

This is the Infinity tower - I heard it's the tallest in Brissie.

We're In

I have never enjoyed football as much as last Friday.  The broncos nailed it.  They were just magnificent.  A solid team.

Then, the cowboys are all over the Storm.  I actually felt bad for the Storm and the Roosters.

Anyway, it's all Queenslanders in the GF.

In case you're wondering, I am talking of the NRL.  It's another variation of football but they use less kicking and foot.  But they don't wear padding on their shoulders and no helmets either.  It's a very manly sport and very dangerous as well. 

So well done you guys!

Is Everybody Here

Last Friday in our local park, "Is Everybody Here" event was held.  It was an event for disabled people in our area.  It was quite nice of them.  We didn't get there until past 6PM - after work.  We were able to catch up with friends, roam around and watch the fireworks.  Nice way to cap the week, really.

Interesting Things at the Botanic Garden

Aside from plants, there are many things that are very interesting at the Botanic Garden in Brissie.  These are some of them.

At the market

Every Sunday, there's a market a few minutes away from home.  It's not a farmers market per se but it could be because there are lots of stalls selling fresh produce.  There are craft stalls as well.  I happen to drop by last Sunday to roam around without.

You can buy almost anything there.  It's a good spot for having coffee and snack on a Sunday morning. 

Sydney's Airport Link Train

 If you're going to Sydney and your destination is just around and within the city, it is better to get around by the airport link train.  I've used this service thrice now and I have no complaints.  It's quick and easy.  It doesn't come cheap but not as expensive as going to Brisbane Airport I'd say.  I suppose, you have to factor in the distance of the airports from the city.

Orchids Exhibit

At the shop today, there are displays of orchids for the Orchid Society in the area.  Some I've seen so far, some are new.  

I only took photos for those that were or won the competition.  There are orchids for sale as well.  

Costco - Thongs

It has been a long time since I went to Costco but yesterday, I had a reason to go.  I needed to buy a flea treatment for Mable.  Of course, while there I filled-up my car. I was only 115.9c/liter for unleaded fuel.  That was really good price.  

Costco is not always synonymous to cheap or reasonable price.  I only buy things that are comparably cheap.  But everytime I go there, I spend more for something that I don't really need.  Hmmm.

This time, the thongs.  Yes, they were cheap even compare to the prices in the Philippines.  Of course, I bought 4 pairs.

We don't live that far from Costco - about 15 minutes drive through the highway.  At this point, I am not really sure that it was worth paying $60 for membership.  We don't ship there as often.

Giant Trees

At Wellington Point, there are these giant trees right next to the beach.  I can't remember what they are called but in the Philippines, we call them rubber tree.  

These trees are massive and they provide shelter to most of the playground and barbecue area.  Kids and adults are allowed to climb on them.  


Right in the middle of Brisbane City, a beautiful garden exists.  The Botanic Garden.  It's a different world altogether.  People who live in the city is lucky to have such a paradise in their midst.  It's a very short drive, mind you.  

And in the middle of the garden, exist the Planetarium where you can see a lot of exhibits on everything about the space and the world beyond.  You can go to a 3D tour or show.  

And the best thing?  Entry to the garden and planetarium is free except the shows.

Ice Cream Vans

Ice cream vans peddling ice cream in suburbs are common in Australia.  There are so many franchise available such as Mr Whippie, Home Ice Cream, etc.  

They are especially popular in summer of course, in fairs, at beaches, in the markets and sometimes in kids birthday party.

Hills Hoist

The Hills Hoist is a height-adjustable rotary clothes line.  It is an Australian invention.  It is still a common fixture in Australian suburban homes.  The look, colour and style might have changed over the year but it has the same purpose.  It makes hanging of clothes fun and easy.  Also, the clothes dry really quickly.  

When we bought our house, there's one in the backyard but because we have to put-up a massive shed, it has been removed.  Now, we still have a hills brand of clothes line but it's not the rotary type.  It's a space saver, one that you affix to a wall or a fence.  It's not as good as the rotary style in drying clothes but will do.