Super Market War

In my first few years here, I have only been shopping at Woolworths.  I am not really sure of the reasoning.  Mcj has always been shopping there.  May it be due to convenience?  And I remember now that he said, because Woolies are fully Australian owned.  Okay, I am okay with that.  

My MIL had been shopping everywhere, Aldi and Woolies.  Plus she bought meat from the butcher.  

We moved suburbs and then the prices of groceries are just sky-rocketing.  I found myself shopping at Aldi for our main household items that I can get there like coffee, washing powder, frozen veggies and some fresh veggies.  I still shop at Woolies though for items like ice cream, good quality meat, treats and drinks.  I also shop at Costco.  Can't be a member without shopping there.  I buy some bulk products but primarily stuff that we don't need.  Lol.

So where am I leading to this?  With my location, I can shop to any supermarket.  The competition is so high that it is good for the consumers as the price is really competitive.  But I found that price is not the only driving factor why people shop at their favourite shops.  It's also the quality, convenience and there's still some loyalty in there and I am not talking of the loyalty cards either.  

I heard, there's another german shop coming up but I am not sure that we will get one near our place.  I just hope that you don't have to be a member to shop there.  


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