Fuel Prices

When I first got here, the price of fuel per litre was less than a dollar.  I am talking about petrol or unleaded.  That was the end of 2005.  Now, when the cycle is on it's peak you get to pay almost $1.50.  When it's the cheapest, you pay about $1.20.  And that is in Costco where you have to pay $60/year to become a member and avail the discounts on the fuel and groceries.  

My question is why is the prices so high.  It can't be due to Australia dollar.  When it was almost at par or over with the US dollar, the fuel prices didn't change at all.  Now, it's around 70c and the price is almost the same.

Another question.  Why is the diesel dearer than unleaded.  You would think that a fuel that requires less processing would be cheaper, isn't it? 


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