Brisbane on Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn Fight

I planned an excursion to South Bank on the day of the fight without realising it. The train was packed, Filipinos from every corner of South East Queensland turned up. It was a perfect day for a day out. It was the last weekend of the school holiday too. 

We went to a museum and walked around in South Bank. We saw the tail end of the fight standing outside a bar in Queen Street - with others. It was packed in and out.

Oh and Jeff Horn won. I have a lot of thoughts on this but I will keep it to myself. 

School-Education Series

I have a son who’s in Primary School so I thought, I should run a series about school and maybe on the Educational system here in Australia. I will be writing about what I know and my experiences around the school where my son goes to.

As a background, the Tatapilla (my son) goes to a public school – here it is called State school. The school is about a ten minute walk from home. It is quite close to our home as I can hear the bells for the school session. In cold days, he is being driven to school but on warm days, he rides his bike or walk. One day, I picked him up walking wearing flat ballerina shoes – it was so hot that the glue on my shoes melted but that’s another story for another day.

The Primary school starts from Prep up to year 6. There’s a prescribed age when a child can start Primary school.


On the Way to Coffs Harbour Part 1

We spent a few days of the previous school holiday the Coffs Harbour. It's about 5 hours drive from home but there were detours, so it took almost 7. On the way, there are lots of goods things to see so it's never boring.


Camping Site in Samford

The Tatapilla went camping with the Scouts. The Scouts camping ground is located near the center of the town. It has powered sites and un-powered sites. Activities such as kayaking and abseiling. There are areas for bonfire at night.


Trip to Sydney

On my last business trip to Sydney, I stayed at the Castle Hill Lodge. The customer I was visiting was at the Hills area and they booked for my accommodation. The Castle Hill Lodge is a quaint place to stay. It is situated close the main road but it was not that noisy. I enjoyed my stay.


Maleny Town Centre

Maleny is a historic town in the Sunshine Coast. It's situated in the hinterland. The town centre is quite touristy. There are boutiques, antique shops and cafes.


Botanic Garden in Maleny

One of the places we visited in Maleny when my friend came over was the Botanic Garden. It's 16 acres of walking around. The views are awesome, the plants and flowers are pretty. I remember, Mcj's niece had her wedding there. The Tatapilla meandered around on his own and wanted to do it again when we finished.